E.R.: Season 13


Regisseur: Warner Brothers
Acteurs: Mekhi Phifer, Sherry Stringfield, Maura Tierney, Goran Visnjic en Noah Wyle
Land: Verenigde Staten
Genre: Drama
Jaar: 2006
Beoordeling: 3/4

Omschrijving: Afleveringen:
Bloodline, Graduation Day, Somebody to Love, Parenthood, Ames v. Kovac, Heart of the Matter, Jigsaw, Reason to Believe, Scoop and Run, Tell Me No Secrets..., City of Mercy, Breach of Trust, A House Divided, Murmurs of the Heart, Dying Is Easy..., Crisis of Conscience, From Here to Paternity, Photographs and Memories, Family Business, Lights Out, I Don't, Sea Change, The Honeymoon Is Over
Talen: English
Ondertiteling: Dutch
Duur: 924 min
Aantal Discs: 3
Regio: DVD Zone 2
Framerate: 25
Audio Formaat: DVD Dolby Digital 5.1
URL: http://www.mediadis.com/video/detail.asp?id=193560