E.R.: Season 2


Regisseur: Warner Brothers
Acteurs: George Clooney, Anthony Edwards, Eriq LaSalle en Julianna Margulies
Land: Verenigde Staten
Genre: Drama
Jaar: 1995
Beoordeling: 4/4

Omschrijving: Afleveringen:
Welcome Back, Carter! - Summer Run - Do One, Teach One, Kill One - What's Life? - And Baby Makes Two - Days Like This - Hell and High Water - The Secret Sharer - Home - A Miracle Happens Here - Dead of Winter - True Lies - It's Not Easy Being Green - The Right Thing - Baby Shower - The Healers - The Match Game - A Shift in the Night - Fire in the Belly - Fevers of Unknown Origin - It's Take These Broken Wings - John Carter, M.D.
Talen: English
Ondertiteling: Dutch
Duur: 990 min
Aantal Discs: 4
Regio: DVD Zone 2
Framerate: 25
Audio Formaat: DVD Dolby Digital 5.1
URL: http://www.mediadis.com/video/detail.asp?id=139887