In De Gloria


Regisseur: Jan Eelen
Acteurs: Sien Eggers, Frank Focketyn en Lucas Van Den Eijnde
Land: BelgiŽ
Genre: Komedie
Jaar: 2000
Beoordeling: 3/4

Omschrijving: Tired of human intrest shows? These people are. "In de Gloria" looks like one of the shows where ordinary people are presented like freaks just to get a cheap laugh. The show doesn't mock the ordinary folks who appear in these shows, but the people who make them. "In de Gloria" is so painfully accurate you don't know if you want to laugh or cry. It's the kind of satire that shows you what the human race is really like.
Talen: Dutch
Ondertiteling: Dutch
Duur: 605 min
Aantal Discs: 4
Regio: DVD Zone 2
Framerate: 25
Audio Formaat: DVD Dolby Digital 5.1